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Role reversal weekend

It was a flip-flop weekend for me.
The weekend before I came back from my fiancee's place two days early to avoid a big storm coming there. I was glad I did as they received 16 inches of snow while we only received about 5 inches here.
Then this past weekend I was down there, set to come back to work on Family Day when I heard from my Uncle Bob that a big storm was hitting them Sunday and Monday. However, in Bemidji we only received about an inch of snow... what a role reversal!
However, while I was stranded an extra day there, I was busy shovelling the 18+ inches of packed snow off Kim's roof in Bemidji! So you were all not alone here shovelling, blowing or plowing!
. . .
On another note I solved my peanut mystery! Yesterday morning as I arrived back from Bemidji, my neighbour across the alley, Neil Kaus told me he has been feeding peanuts to the Blue Jays! Mystery solved!
–Until then,