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Revenue Canada jumped the gun

A few weeks ago I received a letter from Revenue Canada.
Now no one likes getting a letter from the tax man and I was curious to know what it was about. So I opened it and learned that I would no longer be receiving an income tax filing package in the mail.
They encouraged me to file electronically but if that was something I was not able to do they informed me that I could download the forms off the internet and print them out at home or pick up paper copies at the local Post Office.
Well not having the internet at home I took a trip to the RR Post Office. Well I guess I was not alone... all the forms they had were gone!
Fortunately for me I go to Fort Frances for work and do a delivery run twice a week between there and here. I stopped at the Devlin Post Office and found some forms. However, they said they had been out and just received more as well.
RR also said they would be getting more in.
I think this move to save paper and postage was a bit premature. Obviously there are still many of us who prefer to use the paper version and file through the mail. Perhaps they should give us the option to continue receiving the forms especially since they do not give us the option whether we want to file income taxes each year.
–Until then,