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Appreciating havng both hands

Have you ever thought of how many things you would have trouble doing if you lost the use of a hand?
Well over the weekend I garnered a new appreciation for having two hands!
Two weekends ago my fiancee was visiting me and we were hosting a birthday party for a friend at my house. She was walking to the kitchen to begin serving birthday caken when she slipped and fell. She broke her hand.
Well last Thursday she had surgery on it and can not use it or get it wet for a few weeks.
I travelled to her place on Saturday to help her get by, not realizing how many things we depend on to have both hands.
Some of them are simple things like unscrewing the lid off a bottle or washing dishes.
Cutting up an onion or a tomato is also difficult when you can not hold onto with one hand and cut with the other.
Shaving one armpit was easy enough for her, but impossible with one hand... guess what I can now attribute to my "I've done it" list?!
She has managed to adapt to doing many things with one hand. But was struggling with many others.
I was glad to be of help and glad two of her kids still live at home to help her out.
The main thing she can not do is what she loves to do the most. Style and cut hair. The need for two hands is so crucial for her career.
I hope she heals quickly, and gets back the use of her hand, so things that we take for granted, can get back to normal for her.
–Until then,