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Fly! Be Free!

If you grew up in the 1970s you might remember the phrase, "Fly! Be free!"
It was used by an upstart comedic actor Robyn Williams when he starred as Mork for Ork in the television show Mork and Mindy.
He was an alien who arrived on Earth in a spacecraft that looked like a giant egg! Early on in the show he found eggs in Mindy's refridgerator and thought them to be miniature spacecraft that needed to be set free.
He took them one by one and threw them up in the air saying "Fly be Free!"
Of course they crash or splat landed on the ground.
I was reminded of this show on Monday morning when I ventured into my bathroom. No there were no eggs in there... but there were several houseflies on the window.
Many of them were buzzing feverishly bouncing off the glass, trying to escape. Others were kind of sluggish, appearing to have just awoken from their winter slumber in my attic.
I unlocked the window and opened it! Recalling Mork's words I said, "Fly! Be free!"
The active ones tore off into sky but the sluggish ones needed to be prodded.... or perhaps they were smarter and not really sluggish at all?!
For the temperature outside was below freezing... The active ones flew a high speed for about 10 feet and the dropped like they hit a brick wall. It was too cold for them.
At lunch there was another batch waiting to fly and be free... I would say that it won't be long and the flies will truly acheive that freedom... the days are getting warmer!
–Until then,