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The ice-out here could be right on time!

Every year since 1934 with the exception of two years, the paper has been recording the ice out date in front of Rainy River.
I have been officially watching it since spring of 1989 and every year it seems to be like watching a pot boil; it just drags on and on, especially when it goes on in April.
But the truth of the matter is that the ice goes out more in April than it does in March. It also tends to go out just about this time of that month.
Here are some statistical facts from our ice out records:
•It has gone out seven times on April 11th since 1934 (08, 03, 79, 77, 71, 54 and 34)
•It has gone out, on April 3rd five times (62, 97, 05, 08 and 11).
•The latest date on record of it going out is April 20th in 1934 (let's hope that is not the case again this year!).
The earliest date on record was February 27, 1998.
•It has gone out once in February, 18 times in March and 55 times in April.
•In March, with the exception of 2000 (Mar. 10th) and 2010 (Mar. 16th) and 2012 (Mar. 20th) it went out March 21st or later!
•The most common week for the ice to go out is April 8-15 (22 times)
•The second most common week is Apr. 1-7 (17 times)
•It also went out 9 times from Apr. 16-20th
If one excludes the two earliest dates of Feb. 27th and Mar. 10th, the average ice out date is in fact Apr. 2nd or 3rd.
With the weather pattern being predicted to stay much the same for the next 10 days, it is hard to predict when it might open up here.
So there you have it... the ice out this year could, in fact, be right on time.

–Until then,