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Wanting 15 minutes of Spring!

I have heard of 15 minutes of fame... but lately I have been hoping for 15 minutes of Spring!
On Sunday my Uncle Bob invited me over for supper and one of the topics of conversation was what it was like last year at this time.
He said that he had been talking gardens with a lady at the Legion and they both said they had their potatoes and onions in the ground at this time last year.
I looked at his garden and recalled looking at mine earlier that afternoon when I was hauling in firewood. Not one square inch of his garden was visible... still buried in at least a foot of snow. Mine on the other hand had one little corner showing, but the rest was under as much snow as Bob's.
One thing I did notice over the weekend was on the south side of buildings in various locales the sun was working its magic. Snow is gone, the frost is out of the ground and perennials have started coming to life.
However, other than those small signs, winter appears to have its grips on us still with little hope in sight this week.
I told one friend on Facebook that I think Old Man Winter is on steroids this year!
Saturday my honey and I almost had our 15 minutes of Spring... we purchased a new bbq and put it to work that afternoon cooking beer can chickens. I had cleared the snow off the deck and got us each a chair out. The sun came out for about 10 minutes and we sat out of the wind basking in it. But once it went back behind a cloud it was too chilly to sit out there. We sadly retired indoors. But I did take one consolation from the weather... with all the snow piled up beside the deck it made one heck of a good beer cooler! I stuffed several in to the snowbank and retrieved them for company and I as needed throughout the evening!

–Until then,