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US border fee may force us to shop locally more

Well here we go again!
US officials are looking at the feasibility of charging an entry and perhaps even an exit fee at all land crossings between Canada and the US.
This has been talked about before and has always met fierce oppostion by northern politicians in the US.
And why wouldn't they oppose it with Canadians flocking by the millions to the US to shop regularly each year. The fee could see an economic impact on all those retailers that in some cases have come to depend on Canadian consumers.
For example, gas prices are generally about 50 cents a gallon cheaper in Baudette versus in Canada. If all of a sudden there was a $5.50 per person fee to enter and exit the US, the savings on a 10 gallon purchase would be nullfied. All of a sudden the gas station business would look viable again here in Rainy River! And how many of those many stations in Baudette would survive without Canadian customers.
Other businesses may also benefit or even start up if it suddenly became too expensive to cross the border regularly. And with a gold mine set to begin construction next year, the fee may be just in time to help encourage an econmic boom in the retail sector here and other distict communities.
Fort Frances has started a Shop Local campaign... maybe the US government will create a forced shop local motivator for us with their fee!
–Until then,