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How do needles in the haystack find each other?

How do two needles in a giant haystack find one another?
Saturday my fiancee and I experienced just that when her mom and step dad flew in from Belize.
The retired couple lives in Belize year round and was on their way home for a visit and to take care of some business.
We knew they were flying into Minneapolis and that their flight was coming in at 2:05 p.m. And that was all we knew.
We left Kim's place early Saturday morning, making it to the airport with an hour to spare. However, when we arrived there we were not sure which terminal to go to. So we gambled and picked Terminal #1.
Once we were parked and in the building we found a flight board and tried to figure out what plane they might be on. The first leg of their journey home was from Cancun, Mexico to somewhere in Texas. We found one from San Antonio that was coming in at 2:05... it was Delta Air Lines.
We went to a Delta desk and asked if they could see if Jim and Elle were on the flight. The attendant was very helpful. He checked all possible connecting flights from Cancun, even out of Atlanta. They were not on a Delta plane.
Well we decided to find a place to eat and kill time. At 2:05 we went to baggage retrieval section. There were several planes de-boarding and waiting for their bags.
Kim went to an info. desk to see if we could page them. However, the attendant said we would have to wait until the lady using the phone was done. Just then my gut told me we should do a walk through the baggage area and see if we could find them. No more than three steps later I saw them in a crowd of people. It was a fluke.... and they too were wondering how they would find us. We gambled right on the terminal and fate had us needles virtually bumping into each other by chance.
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