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In NOT on!

Over the weekend I found myself thinking of my mom, Norma-Jean Johnston.
No it was not because Mother's Day is fast approaching this weekend, but I was reminded of a sign she used to tape to the front of the dishwasher when we were growing up.
The sign said, "In NOT on!"
She was referring to the placement of dirty dishes in the dishwasher... not on it! We had one of those portable dishwashers that doubled as a work island in the kitchen.
As kids I think we were all pretty good at getting our dishes from the dining room to the kitchen, but not good at putting them in the dishwasher.
I remember the pre-dishwasher days well and us kids having to help out washing dishes after every meal. Then came modern innovation and a machine took over. But for some reason we were just plain lazy and would bring them in and put them ON not IN the dishwasher.
Well on Sunday I was getting camping gear out of the garage and decided to give all the pots, pans, dishes etc. a washing. I carried them into the house to find a sink full of dishes.... a sink that only a few hours before I had cleaned out and loaded into the dishwasher.
I just shrugged and knew at that moment how my mom must have felt countless times. I said out loud, "I have fight one battle to get to the next one..." referring to needing the sink free of dishes so I could wash the camping gear.
Even though the dishwasher is right next to the sink, not a single one of their dishes made it inside.
I think I never really got the memo from my Mom until I lived on my own and there was no one there to do or put away the dishes.
Well maybe some day our kids will figure it out for themselves. For now I must say thank-you to my Mom for putting up with us kids back then.
–Until then,