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In awe at the coloured birds!

While it is a cool damp afternoon as I write this, I feel like all the ducks or should I say birds are in a row to mark the official start of spring!
A few weeks ago I was excited to see the first robins arrive in the area... but at the same time was sad to see snow in the bush and ice on area lakes still.
Over the weekend I saw a yellow blur. Then another yelllow blur.... and another! Then before I knew it there was a flock of American Gold Finches at the bird feeders. They were so beautiful to watch.
Then they were joined by several Red Breasted Grosbeaks and even a Scarlet Tanager! I was in awe at all the beautiful brightly coloured birds!
Then when it couldn't get any better I saw an Oriole!
The only sure sign of the season I have not seen as of yet is a humming bird... but those feeders are not out yet! Maybe this weekend!
–Until then,