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Mother Nature needs to be respected

After seeing what tornados did in Oklahoma last week we were a bit nervous about returning to our favourite place to camp this past weekend.
Last July 2nd a terrible wind storm flattened thousands of trees in the Chippewa National Forest of central Minnesota. The park was closed indefinitely due to the destruction.
It reopened to campers this past weekend and as we drove into the park our hearts sunk. It was like a bomb had hit. Where it used to be almost dark on a sunny summer day when you entered the park, there was blue sky everywhere. Both Kim and I wanted to cry.
However, as we travelled another mile or so into the actual area where we camp, we were relieved. Yes there were trees blown over, but for the most part the campgrounds were still intact with old growth pine trees.
It was nice to be there but the entry to the park reminded us of how powerful Mother Nature is and the respect she deserves.
–Until then,