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Allergies are the price of Spring

Not long ago many of us were complaining about the long winter and wondering if spring would ever happen.
Well last week I planted most of my garden, still have a few things to get in. And all week I noticed the flowers popping out in perennial gardens and eventually on fruit trees.
Then about mid-week the lilacs began blooming. I thought to myself, "Wow! How beautiful!"
Then I walked to work Wednesday morning and passed several lilacs. The scent was strong and overwhelming.
While I thought the flowers were beautiful my allergies did not!
My head felt plugged and my eyes began to water. Not fun at all!
I only became sensitive to pollen about eight years ago when I was stung by a hornet several times and had a reaction. After that it seems pollen and dust were now my enemy as well.
Oh well, can't complain too much as I would much rather have it warm and allergenic than cold and miserable.
–Until then,