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Yardwork is a pain in the body!

Who knew yard work could be such a painful experience?
Over the weekend I was busy working in my yard. I had several chores on my list and managed to get through all but one of them.
Friday after work I dug out the painting equipment and covered the recently replaced sheeting on my wood shed. It took longer than I thought it would as I put Oriented Strand Board/Chip board on the shed. That stuff can sure suck up the paint!
Saturday morning I went to the greenhouse to get the tomato plants I wanted. I returned home to complete the planting process in my garden. I already have onions, radishes and potatoes sprouting up. So it was just green and yellow beans and the tomatoes that needed to get in the ground.
With that done I decided to try and recapture one of my flower gardens, which I have neglected the past few summers.
After two hours of digging, pulling and chopping, it looked much better! The enemy was mostly grass and a few seedlings from neighbouring trees.
I also put the eaves trough back up on the house.
That was all I had time for before I had to go to work.
Sunday morning I awoke to discover I had aches and pains in places I did not know I had muscles in! Needless to say my progress that day was not as extensive as the previous day. I moved much slower.. but I did get the lawn mowed and weed whacked. The front perennial garden is going to be a whole day job and will have to wait. It started raining and my muscles or lack thereof, were saying it was time to quit anyways!
–Until then, Ken