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Tick, tick, tick...

Tick, tick, tick...
No I am not listening to my wrist-watch, but rather referring to the scourge that seems to be everywhere this year.
Yes the mosquitoes are bad, but it seems like the ticks are even worse.
It seems like all one has to do is look at a blade of tall grass or mention ticks and you find one on you.
This year the spring was late in coming. Snow hung around much longer than the norm. But as slow as it was to retreat, an army of ticks were lying in wait to advance upon us and our pets.
My fiancee has a dog named Gi Gi that loves to hunt rabbits and chipmunks. Gi Gi lives in a rural area, so there are many rabbits and other animals for her to hunt; but they are usually faster than her.
Many times the rabbits and/or chipmunks are brave enough to enter the yard and feed on bird seed under the feeders. Gi Gi sees them and wants out.
She bolts into the brush on the next lot over as fast as lightning. But usually emerges without any luck. One would think that at that speed no ticks would find a way to get a grip on her, but she has been covered with them. And she then brings them into the house.
Our other dogs have had them as well, but for some reason Gi Gi seems to be their favourite!
I have awoken to find them crawling on me and even on my t-shirt from the day before waiting for me to put it back on.
At least they are mainly wood-ticks. The deer ticks are smaller and are the main tick that carries Lyme's Disease.
I think I have flushed more of them out to the septic field this year than ever before. I am hopeful that the scourge will begin to soon fade away as it normally does in the dead heat of summer.
–Until then,