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Flashing back to our youth!

Over the weekend my fiancee and I were living the dream! For the first time in our 6.5 years together we had a weekend with no kids and no dogs!
We decided a few months ago to travel to Hinckley, Minnesota to see and hear Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and Bad Company perform.
At first we thought we would be hauling all our young ones both two and four legged along and camping at Moose Lake State Park.
Then things began to change... step daughter went to her dad's for a week and one Grandma offered to stay with step son and watch two dogs in Bemidji. I then asked my folks if they would watch my dog.... the answer was yes and all of a sudden we were flying solo!
We flashed back to our youth (the 80s and 90s) when we attended the concerts Friday night. It was so much fun!
Saturday we enjoyed the campground and the small town of Moose Lake, MN. It was like we got to time travel to simpler times when we were both young and single with no other responsibilities.
With that in mind we decided to try and find something else that was quite common when we were young... a bumper sticker that said Moose Lake on it.
We started putting them on the back of our camper last year when we travelled the Black Hills. But apparently not too many places get them made anymore. I googled it and found an article that said they were dying out in 2000.
Oh well... now that we are back to a reality that the bumper sticker doesn't seem to matter as much.. we will just post where we were on Facebook... something that did not exist in the 80s!
–Until then,