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Remembering the early Railroad Daze

I can't believe it was 26 years ago this weekend when the first Railroad Daze steamed into Rainy River!
Back then Rainy River was still a terminal for CNR and many locals worked on the iron road. The first festival was so popular that word travelled far and wide across the land.
The following year many people who used to live in the community booked their vacations for the third weekend in July just so they could attend.
The dances were so well known that people came from miles around to join the 800+ every night in the arena! One night was a band and the other was this crazy DJ named Chopper! He had the front end of a 1960s vintage GTO on his DJ station and dance cages like American Bandstand!
The parties lasted well into the wee hours, I myself being much younger then, remember watching the sun come up before sleeping a few hours and then getting up to cover and participate in the event!
With the town being primarily a railway town, CNR was not too happy when its local workers all booked off that weekend and the trains stopped running!
While many years have passed since the early days and we are no longer a terminal, we still see many folks still track on down and visit family and friends, all the while enjoying the festivities!

–Until then,