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Many warm wishes on her 94th!

Monday morning I spooled up the Record's email account and wondered how come there was so many hits on our facebook account.
Every time someone posts a comment on our Facebook page we get an email here at the office. But we usually only get a few hits per week. So when I opened the email on Monday and saw 202 emails awaiting us of which about half were Facebook comments.
Immediately I wondered what we had posted that would draw so much attention. So I opened up the web browser and eventually the Record's Facebook page. I then discovered that many of you had wished the paper a Happy Birthday!
You see the Record turned 94 on Saturday!
It seems a little strange to see people wishing the paper a Happy Birthday like it is alive or a person. But when I think of the paper I feel it has a life of its own.
After all, it is involved in many facets of so many parts of your lives. Sometimes it brings happy news. Sometimes sad news. Sometimes it makes you angry, sometimes it makes you chuckle.
I remember when the grandson of the Record's founder, Len Ricci, told me that I would be married to the Record. I thought he was crazy.
But he was right. After nearly 25 years as Editor, I must say it does feel a bit like a marriage. She often controls my schedule and takes a lot of work to keep on an even keel with all of you.
So even though the Record is not a real person, I will say thank you, on her behalf, for all the warm wishes since Saturday.
Hopefully she will still be around in another 94!
–Until then,