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Great to see so many "pay it forward"

"Pay it forward" is a phrase that has become quite popular the past few years.
People use it to perform acts of kindness like paying for someone's coffee in the line behind them. It brighten's both their days! The person giving feels great and the person receiving feels good... sometimes good enough to inspire them to do something nice for someone else.
This is great for spreading charity and kindness throughout our community, the region and the world. But what happens when there is to much of a good thing?
If you are like me you love to grow and eat garden vegetables. However if your garden is like mine you have the same problem many people seem to be experiencing.
I plant a little bit of everything in my little 8' X 8' plot. My beans and my cherry tomatoes and even the bigger tomatoes have been going gang-busters. So what have I been doing?
I have been sharing my bounty. Giving to my neighbours and my family. I did not grow any cukes but have yet to be without one or two to eat... neighbours and family returned the generosity.
But over the weekend my Uncle and I hit the same wall... we both had too many cherry tomatoes! He kept texting me... you want some cherry tomatoes... I replied I have too many already.
We both managed to find people who needed them and it is so great to have so many people paying it forward.
Soon the garden season will be behind us.... I wonder what will be paid forward next?!
–Until then,