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Self driving cars could solve problems

Cars that can drive themselves! It sounds far-fetched doesn't it?!? But that is exactly what is being developed right now and some predict they could be available for use in about four years!
If they work safely they could be the answer to so many problems we have today.
People would no longer be drinking and driving and hence would arrive at home safely and create safer roads for all.
Texting or talking on one's phone while driving would no longer be an issue.
Anyone could go anywhere! No license to drive would be needed as computers would now be the drivers.
Speeding would not occur as the computer would control that as well.
It sounds really impossible but so did sending man to the moon when it was written about in the late 1800s.
Communicators on science-fiction shows like Star Trek sounded out of this world as well... but now just about everyone has a hand-held communication device... in fact those devices are mini-computers or televisions capable of more things than the first computers that took up rooms and rooms in buildings.
Businesses like bars and restaurants who have seen a major decline due to people not wanting to drink and drive could see a resurgence in business.
–Until then, Ken