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Sniffle, cough, sniffle...

Sniffle, sniffle. Cough Cough.
A month ago parents were busy out buying their kids, pens, pencils, notebooks, new clothes and shoes, all in the name of Back to School!
They get prepared to look good, work hard and get back into a routine!
However, one thing that comes every September that no one seems to prepare the kids for is the germs that they will come into contact with once back in the classroom.
Every fall the kids head back and before long all the mutated strains of the common cold or the flu begin spreading throughout the school population and eventually back to us back at the ranch.
Last week I picked up my step-daughter from a tennis meet after school and she immediately told me, "I have a sore throat and I got it from such and such."
Well by Sunday morning I had the same sore throat and by Monday morning Mom and brother Riley had it as well.
I am sure there is likely little that could prevent this from happening every September to countless people.... but perhaps if the kids all began taking higher doses of vitamins and were encouraged to wash their hands more often we could reduce the number of people that get sick.
As I write this my throat hurts, my head is pounding and my body is aching... just wish I could have avoided it.
–Until then,