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Will people be able to read this 100 years from now?

I remember my history teacher in high school, Marvin McDonald, talking about how man has put a lot of stock in recording things on paper and how that really is a foolish idea, since paper deteriorates over time.
Well in the past decade or so, more and more of what we record is not done on paper. It is in fact stored electronically. Perhaps on our personal computers, a disk or thumb drive, or at some remote location (in the clouds is what they call that).
Man as a species prides itself at evolving and coming up with new and better technologies all the time. But is this way of preserving the written word any better than putting it on fragile paper?
Often devices that we have today are deemed obsolete not to far in the future (i.e. 8-track or cassette tapes for instance).
Will future generations be able to read things we wrote a hundred years from now?
Mankind has been on this world for many millennia and while paper has survived for the past several centuries, the longest surviving records are etched in stone or painted on stone.
While I like the ability to read things on my smart phone and computer, I am not sure they will stand the test of time.
–Until then, Ken