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Christmas light frustrations

Some day I am going to get smart when I buy Christmas lights.... especially those new-fangled energy saving LED ones!
Over the weekend I dug out several outdoor sets to put up at my fiancee's house. The first three sets all worked when I plugged them in! I was pleased.
But then I dug out six more sets that are parts of various displays at her place. Two of them were sets I just purchased last year and two were from the year before. Two I am not sure how old they were.
Of the six sets two worked completely, one did not work at all and three only half of the set worked.
When the LED lights came out they said they would use last forever and use much less energy. Well when they do not work they definitely use less electricity.
I did however spend considerable time and energy trying to get the two sets that were not LED and only half worked, working again... no luck!
Now had I saved my receipt for them and the LED set that only half worked I might have been able to return them.
–Until then,