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We will remember them

Ken's Korner
by Ken Johnston, Editor

It is human nature to forget the lessons of the past. Too often we as a people are bull headed and think that we need not look back to learn from the mistakes of the past.
Every year we dedicate a special day to trying to remember and learn from the horrid World Wars and the Korean War. That day is November 11th.
So many men gave their lives in the name of freedom and as this November 11th approaches we are again fighting a war in the name of freedom.
Again a dictator has forgotten the lessons of the past and has attacked the very foundation of our society. Foolishly he thinks that he can destroy our freedom. But we remember the past and how important it is defend the rights and values of the free world.
We owe so much to those who gave the supreme sacrifice for us. This Sunday, November 11th, take time to reflect on how important their lives have been to our own.
While it was a high price to pay, no price is to high to preserve freedom and democracy.
On November 11th, we will remember them.
–Until then,