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Thanks for all your support!

Saturday was yet another amazing day in Rainy River. More that 120 people came out and supported a charity at the Linda Johnston Memorial Alzheimer supper.
Some came to enter the penny table, some to eat, and some to buy chair tickets. Some came to do all of the above!
For me and my Uncle Bob, it was bittersweet. We have worked at the event for 11 years, as have many of the other volunteers.
When my late Aunt Linda, and fellow coworker, and Uncle Bob's wife, asked us to help out with a Dinner to Remember, we balked at the suggestion.
For many years we had helped with dinners at the Moose Lodge in Baudette and Linda was very active in the Women of the Moose. She often talked us into doing two dinners a month, one for the men and one for the women.
So when she asked us to do another dinner for the Alzheimer Society, we were kind of dinnered out.
After she pressed us, and I think bought us several beers, we agreed to do one dinner.
Not sure how, but she convinced us the next year and the next year and so forth.
Then when we lost her to cancer, the Alz. Exec. Director suggested the dinner be renamed in Linda's honour.
We stepped up and kept it going for seven more years.
The support has been unwaning! You folks that donate prizes, time and money to the cause deserve high praise.
Uncle Bob and I have decided to retire from this function. We wish the new organizers continued success and would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who supported it!

-Until then, Ken and Bob