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Yes my house is up for sale

Many people have approached me about the recently added sign in my front yard.
Yes my house is for sale.
Most people ask why.
The simple answer is I have been engaged to my fiancee Kim Brown for 8 years this fall and we have been together for 9.
It is time that one of us move to the other's town. We did try selling her place early on and did not have any luck. The economy had collapsed and many homes in Bemidji were up for foreclosure in her neighbourhood. She could not get what she owed on it and homes that were larger were going for less than she was asking as banks sought to cut their losses.
So we decided to wait for the economy to get better and when the time was right I would move there.
But we can not begin that process of me moving/immigrating there until my home is sold.
Others of you have asked what will happen to the paper? As far as I know it will continue on. It survived before I was at the helm and will survive beyond my term here.
For now we continue on and deal with the changes when it becomes necessary to do so.

–Until then,