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Cloning should continue

Ken's Korner
by Ken Johnston, Editor

To clone or not to clone?

That is a very pressing question as this week it was announced that a company in the United States has for the very first time cloned a human embryo.

What does that mean for all of us?

Some say it will lead to amazing new medical breakthroughs that will cure so many horrible diseases.

Others though say it will lead to evil uses and could threaten all that we call human.

Science is advancing all the time. It is man’s nature to explore, investigate and discover new and incredible things.

While used by the wrong people cloning could in fact be an evil science. But if man does not move forward in his experiments involving cloning of humans we will never know if the discoveries for cures to so many evils like cancer and aids lie in the genetic make up of our very fiber.

Had man stopped exploring whenever someone cried “It’s evil, don’t do it... ” North America would likely have never been discovered. After all the Earth is flat you know and you could fall off it into an evil abyss.

Yes evil has come from the discovery of how to split an atom. Nuclear weapons are a frightening evil that has on more that one occasion had us thinking time was at an end. However on the other side of the coin tremendous amounts of energy have been harnessed because of that discovery.

Thankfully those with nuclear capabilities are for the most part in agreement not to use them whenever threatened.

In the case of cloning, man can again learn to exercise common sense and yet move forward to an area in science the truly promises to help us cure the ails of so many.

–Until then,