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United Church condemns racist actions

Dear Editor:

At the fall meeting of Cambrian Presbytery, in the United Church of Canada, concerns were expressed about the escalating violence directed against people of different racial, ethnic, religious, or linguistic groups.

The General Council of the United Church of Canada, when it met in August 2000, adopted an Anti-Racism Policy.

In light of this official policy of the United Church of Canada, Cambrian Presbytery unanimously affirmed its belief that all people are created in the image of God. We affirmed our commitment to the multicultural and multifaith reality that is this nation of Canada.

We condemned racists actions, words and attitudes directed against visible minorities. In particular we condemned the violence against our sisters and brothers of the Islamic faith and people of middle-Eastern descent in recent days.

Jesus is proclaimed the Prince of Peace by the Christian Church. The only result of violence is more violence. Jesus calls us to give love, and peace a chance.


Carl Triskle, Chairperson of Cambrian Presbytery