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Live entertainment vs. the electronic age

Ken's Korner
by Ken Johnston, Editor

Maybe I am just getting old, or else the modern age is boring me. I am referring to the entertainment we as adults enjoy.

In the past few months we have been inundated with hundreds of new television stations all of which I find for the most part... BORING!!!

Then a few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of attending live theatre at Rainy River High School. Wow was that great!

Then on Saturday I went to Handel’s Messiah at Lake of the Woods School in Baudette and was blown away by the sheer talent exhibited by the nearly 200 choir and orchestra members.

There was a time when video games did not exist and television was only for the wealthy.

Now everyone has at least one t.v. and most have cable or satellite. Most kids have or have access to a video game terminal. Obesity is becoming a problem and it is no wonder, with so many of our entertainment possibilities involving sitting on the couch.

The entertainment put on by the school and area choir/orchestra involved little exercise, but at least they got many people away from the boob tube for a night.

It used to be that people worked hard to entertain each other and often went out through the week to take part in sports or to attend live entertainment.

The benefits far exceed the exercise potential in some activities. They also enhance our culture and our abilities to be creative.

A return to those days where we sought to be entertained by live presenters is definitely something I would enjoy.

–Until then,