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Photo sparks history lesson


I seen your way back when picture of the saw mill that had been moved from Trott's in Gameland and thought that I would add to it. Many people don't know that Trott is actually short for Trenchard. My fathers Great Uncle Robert Trott moved to the Gameland area in the mid 1800's and began farming and a saw mill. For some personal reasons he wished not to be found by his relatives in England and changed his name from Trenchard to Trott. My Grandfather found his Uncle in the late 1880's and moved in next door to begin farming. My father continued to farm this land until it was sold in the mid 1970's. I believe that Great Great Great Uncle Trott is buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery here in Rainy River, but I am not sure. If any one has any pictures or any information about Robert Trott I would appreciate it very much if you would share them with me. E-mail me at


Richard Trenchard

Rainy River