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Your efforts do not go unnoticed

Dear Ken,

I would like to publicly express my appreciation for the extensive coverage and the beautiful photographs you included of the Rainy River Choir members during tour recent performance of Handel’s Messiah and the rehearsals which led up to this glorious event. My choir members have always devoted a great deal of time and effort into preparing music for reach of our concerts, and it really makes our efforts so much more worth while when we feel that our community and our lcoal newspaper is supporting us. The amount of space that you devoted to coverage not only this concert, but to most of our past concerns as well, certainly proved the support of the Rainy River Record. Most importantly, you have always taken great care to print the most flattering photos of everyone, and to include names and creative captions with the pictures. I would like you to known that your efforts do not go unnoticed. Please keep up the excellent work!

Merry Christmas to everyone at the Record Office.


Stephanie Hawkins,

Director of the Rainy River Community Choir