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Impressed with the professinalism

Dear Editor

Last Monday evening we attended the gala event at the Rainy River Rec. Centre, to meet the New Year with friends and family. To say it bluntly, I was overwhelmed with the professionalism, class and warmth that consumed our evening. I know full well the difficulty and stress that is experienced to prepare such an event. I was the President at the largest Community Club in Winnipeg for a number of years, responsible for a social hall that held a social or catered to a wedding 48 week ends a year. Catering, acoustics, hall preparation and clean up are things that the average participant takes for granted. Be assured that these activities are at best, unpredictable and stressful.

Vicki Atkin deserves a great bouquet for the best catered meal that I have experienced, and believe me with my involvement at the Community Club, using some of the best caters in Winnipeg, I have lots to compare to. The meal was extraordinary, the staff was efficient and supportive, 200 people ate without delay or the usual anxiousness of the last people starting to eat when the first people to eat are finished and restless.

Monique Gall obviously has talent that other event organizers could only envy. I paid particular attention to her through the evening, having a great time with family and friends but never missing an opportunity to clean tables, empty ash trays, ensure soft drinks and the little extras we expect were in place. The hall decoration and table set up where fitting of special mention.

I have no doubt that this person attacks the rest of her community responsibilities with the same passion that we benefited from last evening.

Finally, the Flying Blind Theatre Group was as good as it gets. If any of you think that their talents are amature, let me share with you that I regularly go to Second City in Toronto, where John Candy, Mike Meyers and several other prominent Canadian entertainers made their start. They are as good or better than any talent I have seen in the past year, which would be at least 10 occasions. This troupe could share a stage with any entertainer today and not come out second best.

The Rainy River area is fortunate to have so many gifts that others in large centres pay so dearly for. From the organizing, meals, catering, and entertainment perspective, it couldn’t possibly be better. Don’t you dare take this for granted. Thank these people every chance you get that they share their gifts with us.

In closing, let me say the music was great, the people were full of good spirit and it felt so very good to be “home” to celebrate the end of one year and the optimistic anticipation of the New Year.

Respectfully yours

Perry Marquis