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Extremely humbled by the honour

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rainy River Record, the judges, and all the participants for an excellent contest. I would also like to thank the Record and the judges for awarding me first prize and honourable mention for my two poems. I am very humbled and proud for this honour.

On page two you mentioned, under the photo winners, that the winners should come by the office to pick up their prizes.

I am not sure if there were any prizes for the poem contest, and if there were, would you please tell me what they are, and send them to me? The paper did not arrive before we left for Anola, Manitoba, where we had Christmas with our daughter Nancy & Ed Carroll and their children, Heather (6 yrs) and Amanda (4 yrs tomorrow). If it had arrived in time we could have gone by the Record office on our way home.

Just a note to those who remember our son, Kenny. He and his wife, Janine are expecting their second child in February 2002. I will keep you posted on this event.

Thanks again for everything.

–Wanda Buckell,breakThunder Bay