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Think Spring to beat the winter cold

Think spring!
That is what I have been doing to get through the cold spell we have had the past week or so.
While we can not complain about the winter we have had; being so mild for the most part, it was a real shock to the system to see -20°F last week on the thermometer. It was even more of a shock to venture out into without long underwear on... Brrrrr!
Well on Sunday I decided the best way to beat the cold was to open up some seed catalogues and the magazine I received for Christmas on constructing flower beds.
I have tried my hand at making the yard look better the past few summers and have had moderate success. Albeit my flower beds themselves turned out better last year than the foliage I had planted in them. However I attribute some of that to the fact that we had really weird weather and some to lack of experience.
This year I hope to tackle another flower bed in the front and maybe even a small garden in the back yard.
Thinking spring saw me stay indoors all day, but it did get me thinking it is only three months until April.
I enjoy the early spring days of April when all the snow is gone, the trees start to bud and the grass turns green. It is in fact one of my favourite times of the year because anyone that knows me, knows I hate bugs; especially mosquitoes.
For a few weeks, if I am lucky everything starts to look and smell nice and there is no bug smacking going on.
Well that is a few months away and I am sure we will get some more cold weather and perhaps even pay for this exceptionally mild winter in March when the season often goes out like a lion... lets cross our fingers for the contrary.
–Until then,