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Absolutely no reason for the province’s decision

Dear Editor,
It is with deep regret that the Kenora Rainy River District Community Care Access Centre Board of Directors announce that the Provincial Government Ministry of Health for Long-Term Care has decided not to appoint Mrs. Judi Gryschuk to the position as Executive Director when the corporation becomes designated.
When designation comes into effect under the Community Care Access Corporation Act, 2001, which received Royal Assent on December 14, 2001, Mrs. Gryschuk will leave her present position as Executive Director. The time for designation is presently unknown.
The Board is extremely upset with the actions of the Provincial Government in regard to this change in the management of the local CCAC. Mrs. Gryschuk has done and exceptional job of bringing stability and accountability to the Corporation. She has an excellent working relationship with the Board, Staff, Clients and area Ministry of Health Officials as well as others in the professional field.
There was absolutely no reason for the Provincial Government to take this step in view of the fact that Mrs. Gryschuk, working with staff and the Board, had undertaken to bring the previously quoted deficit figure of $600,000 down so that our accounts are now showing a small surplus. Her hard work should have been rewarded rather than negated by the Provincial Government.
Since the inception of forty three (43) CCACs in 1996, the Provincial Government has not been accountable. The Provincial Ministry of Health have mismanaged their responsibilities in making sure that all CCACs across Ontario adhered to the Provincial Guidelines and worked within their budgets. The Government is now making improvements in an improper manner by penalizing those who have done an exceptional job for the people of this district and the province.
Judi will be truly missed by those who worked closely with her.
–Joyce Chevrier,
Chair KRRD CCAC Board