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A happy ending!

Dear Editor,
Duane Anderson, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has found his dog Buster. He was visitng relatives near Rainy River, when Buster disappeared on Christmas day. After probably making his way across the river ice, Buster was found near the Baudette Arena on Dec. 27th and picked up by the Humane Society.
We had him for 4 weeks when Duane’s sister-in-law, Heather Anderson, came to the shelter, and identified the dog. A call was made to Duane and he called me. I answered his questions about thedog. On Jan. 18th Duane came to our shelter building and a very happy reunion was made between them. It was obvious they recongized each other.
Buster was a ‘Pet of the Month’ dog featured in the Baudette Region. This is how our Humane Society is working for you, and the borderland animals.
–Marilyn Ceherekos, President
Lake of the
Woods Humane Society