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Questions and answers

By Pastor Gord Armstrong
RR Ministerial

Sometimes in life we have more questions than answers: for instance, what does it take to make a community, really a community? Is it the kindness that we show to one another? Is it going “out of our way” to  help someone build a better life? Is it putting the needs of others ahead of our own? Sorry, told you I had a lot of questions! oop’s one more question.
Where does one go for the answer’s to these questions? If you have ever read the book of Job from the old testament, you find that Job’s friends tried their best to give him answers for all the trials and disasters of  his life. They failed and left Job more frustrated than ever.
So if we ask a friend, we need to be cautious, some friends give answers even when they don’t know the answers. A friend of mine calls that kind of advice “Coffee shop psychology”. Take it all with another cup of coffee and let it slip right through your ears.
I was pleased to read Rev. Barbara’s article of two weeks ago - great job Barb. The bible does give us many sound instructions on how to help, how to serve, how to love one another. So, if we want good advice on living our life we need to go to the bible, and especially to the teachings of Jesus.
Mathew chapter 5 & 6 gives us many good ideas to help us build a strong, truthful, helpful life. Suppose we listed a few of them!
1) Mathew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth
2) Mathew 5:14 (a) You are the light of the world
3) Mathew 5:14 (b) Put you light on a stand
4) Mathew 5:40 If some one wants your time give him your clock as well.
5) Mathew 6 (a) When you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets.
There are but a few ideas from Jesus teachings, we all need to read the “rest of the story” as a certain radio personality says.
Over the next weeks, months, years our community is in desperate need of community builders. Will you help? Can we count on you to put your shoulder to the wheel? Oh, oh, more questions!
But all kidding aside we need you, but more importantly we need you with the teachings of Jesus Christ like a fire in your belly. Then we will build community - a community like no other community on earth. Welcome to the new improved Rainy River.