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Doing his part

Rainy River’s Jason Kaus is currently overseas in Afghanistan with the Princess Patricia Canadian Infantry.
Serving one’s country is one of the most honourable acts a person can do. Doing it voluntarily is even more honourable.
When the world was shocked by the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001, many people asked what they could do to help.
Canada immediately allowed all incoming overseas air traffic to be diverted to Canadian airports. As it became clear who had committed this atrocious act the U.S. along with its allies began to prepare to go after the evil men who would say this was a blessed act in a holy war.
Canada immediately offered her military resources and the U.S. took her up on it. Naval vessels were deployed last fall and word that Canadian troops would be called on echoed across the nation.
Last week that call came through and our troops, including Rainy River’s Jason Kaus, began their trip to the other side of the globe in the name of peace and freedom.
Canadian troops have been known as being the most fearless in the world, having served on the front lines in some of the most dangerous conflicts of World War II.
I am sure that the late Mike Olinyk would have been proud of Kaus. Mike often spoke of the PPCI and his WWII experiences.
I urge you to send Jason a note of support via email or by fax. The email should go to the attention of Exec. Director Genella McIntyre at and faxes to (204) 765-3859.
We are proud of you Jason!
–Until then,