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Women’s Institutes planning for a Heritage Tea

By Laurel Desrosier

The February thirteenth meeting of Forest Women’s Institute was held at the home of Betty Blight.
Laurel Desrosier called the meeting to order and Eleanor Wiersema read the Mary Stewart Collect. Carol Clifford read the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved. The financial report was given by Eleanor and approved by the members.
Laurel gave a report on plans for the Heritage Tea to be held at the Emo Legion. She also gave a report on plans for the district annual meeting to be held at the seniors center in Stratton on May fifth.
Plans for the area convention are also being made. This convention will be held in Fort Frances on September seventh and eighth.
We decided to give a donation to the Emo museum in memory of Helen Jarvis.
We will make a memoriam donation to the cat scan in honour or Everett Hanson.
We signed a get well card for Vivian Hartnell. We discussed the completion of the quilt. We will meet at Eleanor’s on February twenty sixth to begin this project.
We want to have a ROSE session. There will be further discussion at the next meeting.
The next meeting will be held at Carol Clifford’s home on March thirteenth. Roll call will be display a hobbie done over the winter.
The door prize was won by Ev Nelson and the draw was won by Eleanor Wiersema. Our Hostess served a lovely lunch.