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Medals likely just polish on a tarnished sport

Vindication... that is the best way to describe Sunday night’s historic gold medal presentation to Canada’s pairs figure skaters, Pelletier and Sale.
However a much larger question looms over the very scandal that rocked the olympics last week. Will the problem of corrupt or fixed judging in figure skating be rectified.
The president of the International Olympic Committee put extreme pressure on the president of the International Skating Union last week to clear the air of the medal scandal as quickly as possible. The I.O.C. was getting tremendous pressure from other sports to have the issue dealt with as soon as possible as it was overshadowing the games and little if any attention was being paid to other aspects of the games.
The president of the I.S.U. said he was not going to even begin to deal with the matter until this week. Had the I.O.C. not pressured him, it is likely that the matter would still not have been cleared up and likely that the Canadian team would have had to be happy with the silver.
As it turned out the matter was quickly resolved after the pressure from the I.O.C. was applied. Pelletier and Sale now wear gold around their necks, but is it only polish on a tarnished skating sport.
Judging by the I.S.U. president’s initial reluctance and the fact that people’s memories are short, once the olympics are over I am sure the steps to fix the fixing in judging will fade away and it will not be until we have another world class event like the olympics will we see that the problem still exists.
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