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Make education more affordable for hard working families

By Howard Hampton
MPP Kenora-RR

Toronto - NDP Leader Howard Hampton today called on the McGuinty government to make education more affordable for Ontario’s hard-working families.
“Today’s families work hard and pay their taxes to make sure their children get a first-class public education. They shouldn’t have to sell chocolate bars, hold raffles or conduct skipping rope fund-raisers to make sure their children get the education they need,” Hampton told the annual general meeting of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association.
“Dalton McGuinty should keep his promise to fix the education funding formula, relieve parents of their school fund-raising burden and make education in Ontario more affordable for hard-working families,” Hampton said.
Across Ontario, cash-strapped school boards are forcing parents to fund-raise for basic school essentials like teacher salaries and textbooks. For example, in Ottawa, parents attending a school council meeting at Elmdale Public School were shocked to hear the school’s principal propose a skip-a-thon to raise funds for occasional teachers' salaries and office supplies.

“Forcing today’s parents to fund-raise for school essentials is simply unfair. Their contributions and their hard work should be rewarded with the opportunity for their children to get a first-class public education,” Hampton said.
“If Dalton McGuinty can give himself a $40,000 pay raise in eight short days, he can take action now to end candy-bar school funding and make education more affordable for today’s hard-working families,” Hampton said.