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Hampton grills government over skyrocketing truck insurance rates

Hon. Norman Sterling, Minister of Consumer and Business Services & Hon. Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance
Dear Ministers,
Six months ago I wrote to you regarding this serious issue. Pulp truck owners across the province are seeing their insurance rates skyrocket. A number of independent truckers have contacted my office complaining of huge jumps in their insurance rates. Some may be forced to park their trucks because they can’t afford these exorbitant insurance rates.
Pulp truck owners are seeing insurance double, triple or quadruple. In some cases pulp truck owners, who have made claims against insurance companies are having their insurance coverage cancelled altogether.
My earlier letter dealt with a constituent who had seen his insurance increase by over $16,000 per year. Your government’s response was to tell this trucker to shop around. Well, it doesn’t seem to matter where you shop for pulp truck insurance, the rates have greatly increased across the board.
People now are being forced out of business and out of work. These insurance rates will have repercussions on the entire logging industry.
Again I ask, rather than telling pulp truck owner/operators to shop around,what are you prepared to do to help these pulp truck drivers?
Howard Hampton, MPP
Kenora-Rainy River