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Boys come up empty at NWOSSAs

By Ashley Sharp
RRHS Reporter

The halls have been empty as students in grade 9 and 10 traveled to Moose Lake for the annual winter camping trip and the ski trip to Giants Ridge in Biwabik for all grades took place this past Wednesday. This week is March Break and once school is back in session the final drive to the end of the year will be under way.
The Rainy River High School boys’ and girls’ soccer teams have begun their conditioning and practice will be start shortly after the break. Coaching this year is Chris Dube, for the boys and Michelle Veldhuisen and Rebecca Tolen for the girls. The teams are looking very promising and can’t wait for the snow to leave so they can get on the fields.
Badminton practices have begun and the teams have been decided. The first exhibition tournament is scheduled for March 22, 2007 in Atikokan. The coaches for badminton this year are Donnie Gaul, and one of our new teachers Mr. Salvatara. Hilary Hansen and Chantel Heyens, the NWOSSA Champs from last year are also back playing badminton, hoping for an even bigger win this year. Good Luck!
The boys curling team won the silver medal in NorWOSSA, 2 weeks ago. This past week on Monday and Tuesday, they headed to Thunder Bay for NWOSSA, where they went 1 and 4. According to Kyle Miller it could just as easily been 5 and 0 since they lost 4 of the games in the last end. They were disappointed in the loses but were happy to see that they could be competitive at that level. Thank you to Brian Bonot for the excellent job coaching and good job Curlers!!
Patricia O’Conner and Hilary Hansen had their last ice show last Saturday with the Rainy River Figure Skating Club as they will be graduating this year. They had a lot of people there, to watch them skate and cheer them on. It was an emotional time for the girls, the coaches and several parents when they skated their final duet together. Keep skating and good luck in your future ambitions.
That’s all from the Owls Nest!!!