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I Am Canadian!

Red, white and gold!
The Canadian hockey teams did us proud on the weekend and boy does it feel great!
Canadians have called hockey their game since the early part of the last century. Kids can usually skate before they can walk and just about every one of them knows the game of hockey inside and out by the time they can speak.
In fact I think that most kids’ first phrase is, “He shoots! He scores!” Well maybe not... but close.
The emergence of women’s hockey onto the world scene in the past decade has taken the world by storm. It is the fastest growing sport in North America and likely in many other parts of the world too!
However we should not be surprised at how well our ladies did last week, beating the USA for Olympic gold. In fact I think that somewhere in the past they were just overlooked as prospects for a game that is just as much theirs as it is men’s.
I remember countless times playing street hockey as a kid and our sisters playing right along side us; some of them better than some of us.
As kids we were faced with limited choice on television and that meant that Hockey Night in Canada, was for many, the best show on television every Saturday night. It was a show that just about everyone in the house watched. We all got behind a favourite team and to this day us Leaf’s fans still clash with the Habs’ fans. But in the end, male or female, Habs’ or Leafs’ fan, we are all Canadian and most of us call hockey ours.
So hats off to all our hockey players and thanks for the memories ladies and gents!

–Until then,