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Working to green Canada up

Submitted by
Ken Boshcoff M.P.

Last October, the Conservative Government introduced their “Clean Air Act” - legislation that Environmental groups called “hollow rhetoric” and “completely pointless”. The Conservative’s proposed Act did not provide any additional powers to regulate the environment that the Government did not already have and did not propose one new rule to prevent greenhouse gas emissions or pollution.
The three Opposition parties united to draft an aggressive Bill to fight climate change by re-writing the Clean Air Act through a special Committee that was set up to deal with the flawed legislation. After many months, that Committee has finished their work and will now bring the new and improved Clean Air Act back to the House of Commons for debate.
Stephane Dion’s proposals for regulating industrial greenhouse gas emissions are now included in the new Bill. The Dion plan includes putting large industry on a carbon budget that sets absolute national greenhouse gas emission targets for Canada that meet our international obligations, reflects the science of preventing dangerous climate change, creates the Green Investment Bank of Canada, and ensures investments in clean technologies right here in Canada.
Consensus was reached on this plan as well as other amendments brought forward by the three Opposition parties to further strengthen regulations to fight smog and improve air quality, including indoors, where Canadians live, work and play.
Instead of participating in the process Prime Minister Harper initiated last year, the Conservative Party voted against all of the Opposition amendments and repeatedly attempted to find ways to have these amendments ruled out of order. These actions clearly show that the Conservative Government still doesn’t get it! Despite their speech-making, it would seem that they still do not believe in the reality of climate change and the increasingly negative effects of pollution on our planet.
Canada now has a real made-in-Canada plan to fight climate change, in spite of the Conservative Government, not because of it.