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Rainy River to host Region 12 convention this Saturday

By Irene Hanson
RR Hosp. Aux.

Twenty members came to our regular meeting along with Bob McGreevy and Dr. Singleton. First on the agenda was photographs taken of all the members present, one with Bob McGreevy accepting two cheques (1 for $10,000 completing our pledge to the CT Scanner, 2nd $2000 from the fund raising bingo’s held over the winter), the other with Dr. Singleton accepting $15,000 for the expansion to the Health Fitness Centre in the hospital.
Both the Rainy River Record editor and West End Editor were present to take these. We appreciate the time given us both by Dr. Singleton and Bob McGreevy as well as editors Ken Johnston and Jacquie Dufresne for this occasion.
We would also at this time like to say thank you to the Rec Board for donating their premises and time, Eltjo Wiersema, Gabe & Mickie Gustafson, Norma Blight, Monique Gall, Walter Wagner, Brij & Bob McGreevy and Neil Kaus for all the help given ( ie calling bingos, worked the door, running the elevator, setting up and taking down tables etc) and all others who worked the floor and helped in any way. Without your efforts we could not have done this project. All funds went to the CT scanner.
Next on our agenda was the H.A.A.O. Conference for Region 12 West to be held at the Legion Hall, April 14th. There will be coffee and muffins available and registration from 9 a.m. to 9:55 a.m. for members coming. The Legion Ladies Auxiliary will cater the luncheon. It should be an interesting and fun day.
We will feature a table at the health fair, held at the Community Centre May 4th but not all plans are in place yet. The committee will contact us for workers, etc. Featuring the exercise program will be part of the display.
The Strawberry Social on May 16 plans are tabled until next month, however the tickets for the beautiful king size quilt, donated by Gail Yeryk are on sale at the stores or from members. They will also be available at the Social.
This concluded our meeting and we adjourned. The next meeting is May 7, at the hospital. See you all there.