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We are having a gold rush!

It's a gold rush!
That is what it has felt like this past week or two since the olympics wound down with our two hockey teams winning gold.
But it didn’t stop there. Local teams and former local residents have been winning, winning and winning!
The Owls boys team won NORWOSSA gold, Jackie McCormick (nee Bonot) won provincial University gold, Both LoW Bantam teams did well at their respective playoffs, Angela Lee won provincial college gold, Bryan Bonot and Co. won provincial legion gold, Riverview School teams brought home gold.
It has been an exciting ten days or so and hard to keep up with.
It seemed like every time I turned around another team had won gold. It is the kind of news that I love to report on since it is something that we can all relate to.
Sports victories are ties that bind. We all love a winner and all love to feel like we are a part of the victory.
All the local success this year is attributable to the athletic talents of the teams and individuals who coach them.
For a small area we have been very fruitful over the years when it comes to producing top notch athletes. Some say it is drive. Some say it is the air we breathe and others say there is something in the water (especially at the Stratton Curling rink!).
Whatever it is we should all be proud of our athletes young and old and thank them for bringing home the gold!
–Until then,