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Fishing fun forgotten

Forgotten passions are often hidden away in all of us.
Sunday a friend of mine said that she would like to go fishing and being as cold as it has been and the recent snow on Saturday I thought why not hit the fish shack one more time.
However, I was not expecting to have all that good of luck after seeing that not very many people have been fishing down at the base of Sixth St. in Rainy River in the past few weeks (including me). I asked a local guy last week if they were biting and he said they weren’t anywhere.
Well we headed down to the ice shack about 4:30 p.m. and by 5 or so we had the holes drilled, lines in the water and a fire on. She had a strong hit right away and a few minutes later I did to. However it then was quiet for about an hour.
Around sunset the bite took right off. I caught a good eater but let it go thinking we would not be catching any more that night. Within the hour she had reeled up a few nice ones including one that had to go about five pounds. Too bad we can’t keep those this time of year. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe the bite is back, but whatever the case we sure caught a lot of fun.
It won’t be long and the season will close and the ice will be gone. I am glad I went back down and rediscovered my passion for ice fishing. Had forgotten how much fun it is even though it has only been a month since I last did it!
–Until then,