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Bigger break needed for businesses

Last week Rainy River Town Council announced that local businesses will receive a bit of a break on their taxes.
They will be lowering them to comparable levels of our neighbour, Emo.
All this in order to help them out in these tough times where the economic future of the community and the region for that matter are definitely uncertain, to say the least.
They hope the move will provide relief for them and make Rainy River a much more attractive place to locate a business.
While the move is a commendable one, it will likely take more than matching Emo’s business tax rates to make us stand out above them as a place to start a venture.
In our view the lower tax rates will need to be lower than anyone else’s by quite a bit. If it means the citizens have to bear more of the burden to get more businesses here, sobeit.
Eventually that bigger bite everyone has to take will pay off when more businesses are on the tax roll.