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NWO could be a "have" province

Howard Hampton made some really good points last week while meeting with our chamber of commerce and town council, stopping just short of suggesting Northwestern Ontario become its own province.
On electricity he clearly pointed out that we are getting screwed by Southern Ontario. We produce some of the cheapest power world right here in NWO, but yet pay some of the highest per kilowatt hour rates. Why is that?
Well the answer is we are treated as though we are on the same generation grid as Southern Ontario. Well aren’t.
Hampton suggested we work together to form our own power company.
While that sounds great, the catch is the government still has to approve letting us have our own system; that is something they aren’t likely to do.
Perhaps we need to look more closely at becoming our own province. After all we have an abundance of natural resources including cheap electricity production. We wouldn’t be the smallest province and with all the resources we have we might just become one of the have provinces rather than just the South’s whipping boy.