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A new perspective on parenting

Over the weekend I received a different perspective on what it means to be a parent.

Having never been one I often wondered if I would be cut out to be a good dad... not sure if I passed over the weekend but it was interesting.

In addition to cat-sitting for my Uncle and Aunt, I had my 13 year old brother stay with me while my folks were out of town.

Being used to being a freewheel, able to come and go when and where I please, it was a bit of a shock to the system to have to stay home on a Friday and Saturday night; albeit I have been doing more and more that in recent times (must be getting old or something).

While Marty (my brother) is 13, he is not quite at the age where he can cook his own supper, or hot breakfast or lunch. So I stayed home, barbecued for him and I Friday.

Then Saturday I rose to have to cook again. Doing some chores around the house, it wasn’t long and I had to cook lunch and a while later supper again. In between I had to provide him with some social stimulation and it seems that involves getting one’s butt kicked in pool, video games and whatever else they can talk you into.

The bonding was priceless but I never really thought about how much a parent has to be there for their kids, not just for meals but for countless other activities.

–Until then,

tired out Ken